Man Over Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

By: Nikunj Rawal


Gujarat, India

2019 January 23


From the photographer: "In featured single shot image, the wonderful conjunction of Venus & Jupiter occurred on 23rd Jan 2019, when two planets came close in angularity before sunrise on January 22, 2019, look eastward or in the general direction of sunrise to see the conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter in the predawn/dawn sky. At conjunction, these two brilliant worlds shine north and south of one another on the skyís dome, with Jupiter passing 2.5 degrees south of Venus. You simply canít miss these two brilliant beauties, because Venus and Jupiter rank as the third-brightest and fourth-brightest celestial bodies, respectively, after the sun and moon! Conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter are quite stunning because these two worlds reign as the two most brilliant starlike points of light in the heavens. Generally, a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter happens once a year. But this year, in 2019, we actually have two of them. Venus and Jupiter will meet up for another fine conjunction in the evening sky on November 24, 2019."
Technical details: Canon Rebel T3i, Canon 70-300 mm at 115 mm FL , F8, ISO3200, 8 sec of Single-Exposure
Nikunj Rawal

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