Moon Over Croda Bianca

By: Giorgia Hofer


Belluno, Italy


From the photographer: "I Wake up at 4 to photograph the eclipse, I dreamed all night that something went wrong and when the alarm was sounded, I catapulted to check the weather. Well, clear sky and high moon in the sky but the only negative is the -9 that marks the thermometer. This time, for reasons of time, I had to choose a location near the workplace but not bad because the view is fantastic, the village of Lorenzago, with its lighting and particular structure looks like a crib and the moon that is slowly changing aspect, makes everything more magical. I prepare all the equipment, telephoto and wide-angle lenses not ready for shooting.
I perform a shot every 5 minutes, the moon advances quickly in the earth's shadow, the show is always magical. I remember that since I started to photograph the sky in 2009, the moon eclipse was an event that I waited for a long time because until 2015 I could not see it. And now in less than 6 months, here it happens twice ... And the time comes when the moon turns at sunset, it is 6.30 and our satellite is approaching inexorably towards the Croda Bianca, a 2,840 m high massif of the Marmarole that is located in the municipality of Calalzo di Cadore but overlooking up to Lorenzago. Click the constellation icon above the image to see the wide-angle photo."
Technical Details: Nikon D750, Sigma lens 120-400 mm on tripod not traked. double exposure: Moon [400 mm, exp 1 sec, ISO 8000 f / 5.6]; Landscape [400 mm, exp 13 sec, iso 8000 f / 5.6]
Giorgia Hofer

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