Erupting Etna and Lenticulars

By: Dario Giannobile


Mount Etna, Italy

2019 July 27


From the photographer: "The 2019 July 27-28 eruption of Etna gave all lovers of nature, volcanism and photography a majestic spectacle with two lava flows that developed at the New Southeast Crater accompanied by Strombolian phenomenon with emissions of ashes and incandescent lapilli. That day I was already planning to go to the west side of Etna in the Piano dei Grilli (Bronte) area to shoot at the volcano enhanced by the rising of the crescent Moon in conjunction with Aldebaran. That morning I learned from the media that Etna had resumed its activity, something I was happy to count on taking on the reddish glow in the sky, some lava plume from the southeast crater and, obviously, part of the lava flow seen in profile on the south side of the volcano. On the spot, to my surprise, I could see that on the mountain there were also lenticular clouds lined up with the volcanic cone!"
Dario Giannobile

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