Milky Way above the Pacaya Volcano

By: José Omar Veliz Chavez


Escuintla, Guatemala

2019 May 5


From the photographer: "I decided to look for the Milky Way from the trail that leads to Pacaya Volcano’s crater, hoping to catch a timelapse image. The weather conditions were not ideal, due to the high levels of humidity and the possibility of rain. The night was covered with fog when I started the ascent, and so it stayed during the rest of the night. Suddenly, for a window of 5 or 10 minutes, the view cleared and I took my test-shots to set the timelapse, but the fog covered the night again."
Technical details: This picture was shot at 2am, on Sunday May 5th, 11mm / f3.2 / 30 sec.
José Omar Veliz Chavez

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