Milky Way and Blue Tear

By: Yan Guang


Fujian, China

2016 August 28


From the photographer: "Located at a sea cliff in Taishan Island coast which is a dark environment, revealed several light sources. The northerwestern horizon light pollution from coastal cities of Fujian which vanished the sky on that part. Change our line-of-sight to the northeast (right), you can see California Nebula and star cluster M45 (Pleiades) rising, surrounded by airglow. Beyond that is the attractive autumn Milky Way, surrounded by faint green airglow. At the same time, Noctiluca scintillans (bioluminescence activity) commonly known as blue tears, is visible with the wave motion. Indeed, the dark light can be barely perceive by naked eye but is actually a colorful world."
Yan Guang

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