Partial Lunar Eclipse

By: Betul Turksoy


Cappadocia, Turkey

2017 August 7


From the photographer: "Erciyes, with an elevation of 3916 meters, is a stratovolcanic mountain whose summit is always covered with snow and fog, and has become synonymous with the city of Kayseri. This lava-spewing mountain, responsible for the 'fairy-chimney' rock formations in nearby Cappadocia. An inactive volcano, it is the highest peak in Central Anatolia. The photo was taken during the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cappadocia, in August 2017. The Moon was rising above fairy-chimneys formed by the lava of Erciyes."
Technical details: Nikon D7100/Nikkor 55-300 mm at 100 mm, 1/20 sec f/4.8 ISO 100
Betul Turksoy

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