Moon Venus and Jupiter Alignment

By: Dario Giannobile


Siracusa, Italy

2019 January 2


From the photographer: "The image has been taken on 2019 February 1 at dawn. It shows the Moon alignment with Venus and Jupiter in front of the summer Milky Way that was rising on the horizon. The Scorpio constellation can be easily located on the right side of the image. I think that this image is really interesting for many reasons: the alignment, the summer Milky Way rising during Winter time and the reflections and glitters of the Planets (& Moon) on the sea. The reflection of the waning Moon is red since the Moon is passing the lower layer of the atmosphere; the reflection of Venus is blue and clearly visible in comparison with the one of Jupiter since Venus has a lower magnitude. The location is a beautiful natural arch on the seashore of Syracuse in Italy."
Technical Details: Canon 6d, Sigma 20mm, f2, 13 sec, iso 3200, photo-composite stack of 17 single images, Clear Night Nisi Filter.
Dario Giannobile

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