Over the Peruvian Andes

By: Sergio Emilio Mont˙far Codo˝er


Huaraz, Peru

2018 May 27


From the photographer: "Circular 360 panorama of the night sky framed by Nevado Huascarßn (to the left) and Nevado Hunadoy (to the right). Between the mountain lies Laguna de Llancanuco with clear melted water from ice at the top of the mounts. Cordillera Blanca is the highest point closest to equator. The Milky Way is visible despite the presence of almost full moon thanks to clear skies of the region which makes this place an eyecandy for local landscape astrophotographers. The image is facing southwest, the white cast is the light of the moon scattered by the atmosphere."
Technical details: Panorama of 58 images Canon 6D Astromodified
Sergio Emilio Mont˙far Codo˝er

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