The Gorgeous Moonbow

By: Hongwei Shen


Jiujiang, China

2017 July 17


From the photographer: "Its torrents dash down three thousand feet from up high, I wonder if itís the Milky Way falling from the sky. The great poet Li Bai marveled at the magnificence of Mount Lu waterfalls one thousand years ago. Under the eternal Milky Way, Mount Luís waterfalls retain the splendor and grander up to today,just like the Milky Way penetrating through the Moonbow and running straight downward! This picture is taken in the famous Mount Lu scenic spot in China when the moon rises and its moonlight forms a gorgeous moonbow at the bottom of the waterfalls."
Technical details: Camera: Canon EOS 6D DSLR (Astro modified), Lens: Sigma 14mm f1.8, Single-exposure of 20 seconds, ISO 1600,and 14mm lens at f2
Hongwei Shen

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