Milky Way and Aurora from France

By: Arnaud Besancon


Alsace, France

2017 July 17


From the photographer: "The Grand Ballon is the highest mount from Vosges mountains (1424m above the sea). We can see in the foreground the monument of les Diables Bleus (blue devils) build in 1927 to the memory of the alpine troops during the first world war and behind is the emitter of radar being of use to the civil aviation. The purple red halo is the light of aurora borealis (KP6), it's rare to see these lights under a french latitude! The Milky way arch with some h-alpha nebula is from south to north."
Technical details: Panoramic view 30 pictures with 5D3 unfiltered and Clearsky Optolong front filter,24mm lens Samyang at F2, 13s exp. time 3600 isos
Arnaud Besancon

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