The Missing Observers 2

By: Dario Giannobile


Sicily, Italy

2016 August 18


A winner of the 2017 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest
From the photographer: "Once the courtyards of our farmhouses were places where people met and talked about the strenuous day of work in the fields. May be they stayed sit looking at the clear and dark sky. Nowadays these places are abandoned and no one is looking at the sky any more. That's the reason why the chairs are empty and the mirror reflects the sky that the missing observers would have looked at. A hoe remembers the farming vocation of such places while the prickly pears on the chair represent the island where I live and the period (summer) when this sky has been captured. Light painting creates a surreal mood for a sky that can be seen but is not observed at the same time."
Technical details: Canon 7d Tokina 11-16 mm, f4, iso 800, 30 sec multiple shots
Dario Giannobile

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