Lighthouse, Gemininds, Comet (composite)

By: Shreenivasan Manievannan


California, USA


From the photographer: "My first time shooting Geminids meteor shower. I have always been obsessed with Perseid which are a much better visual experience with persistent trails and slow moving bright green meteors but Geminids didnít disappoint especially considering I was out a day before than the actual peak night considering the cloudy weather forecast across California. As a bonus, I got to see the green fuzzy dot on the right, which is the current brightest comet in the sky 46P."
Technical details: Canon 5D Mark III, ISO 6400 for 20s, Sigma 14mm at f1.8. A stack of multiple photos captured from same spot with meteors along with the Comet 46P
Shreenivasan Manievannan

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