All-Sky ISS Trail above Bronze Age Woodhenge

By: Helmut Schnieder


Lower Saxony, Germany

2018 May 21


From the photographer: "An all-sky ISS-Lightrail at the 53. latitude is possible to observe from Mid-May to Mid-July. The lighttrail of the photo composite was seen in the sky of Ireland, over England, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and finally disappeared in the sky of Ucraina. The Höhbeck woodhenge is a reconstruction of an archeological sky observatory of 56 oak trunks which archeologists excavated on the Höhbeck hill. Age: 1800 years BC, unetice culture."
Technical details: Canon 6D, exposure time 30 sec, aperture f 3,5, 8 mm lens, photo-composite for the light trail from twelve photos.
Helmut Schnieder

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