Camp Under the Million Star Hotel

By: Ahmad Riahi Dehkordi


Delijan, Iran

2018 May 18


From the photographer: "A journey in order to reach the dark sky is my job. Unlike most people, I choose sub roads and pristine lands, places without facilities like electricity. This tent is like a shelter from the cold and a place for my rest; Actually is my home. The capture of the Milky Way and the brilliance of the stars are more worth than that, because their beauty and glory always make me ecstatic. But, unfortunately, the footprint of light pollution is also seen in most distant lands."
Technical details: Single-exposure, Panoramic photography, Camera: Canon 6D, Lens: Canon 40mm, 8 Shot, 20S, ISO2500, f/2.8, 40mm
Ahmad Riahi Dehkordi

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