Galaxies Vol. 1 (4K)

By: Adrien Mauduit


France, Denmark, Malawi, Slovenia, USA, Tenerife



GALAXIES Vol. 1 - 4K (UHD) from Adrien Mauduit Films on Vimeo.

From the photographer: "I would like to share my latest short film called Galaxies 4K, which is a two years project in the making (2015-2017). Th purpose of the 4K time-lapse movie was to shoot the galaxies that surround us (Milky way, Andromeda, deep-sky objects and more…) in a unique way: by redefining the boundaries of astrolapse. While there are plenty of beautiful milky way timelapses out there, they usually offer little variation. I wanted to get closer, zoom in, picture the night sky from different angles. The movies includes very technical scenes like shooting the andromeda galaxy in the northern lights, shooting the red emission nebulosity of the Orion region in an astrotimelapse and more! I shot the movie in a lot of countries around the world (France, Denmark, Malawi, Slovenia, USA, Tenerife).
You can watch the video on Vimeo or YouTube."

Adrien Mauduit

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