By: Chirag Upreti


Lake Sabrina, California, USA

2017 June 26


From the photographer: "The nightscapes of the Eastern Sierras in California are stunning as we can resolve the Milky Way by our naked eye after astronomical twilight. When I reached the edge of the lake, I was fascinated by how the water surface reflects the prominent stars such as Antares in yellow, the constellation of Scorpius, but was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the image and noticed the subtle reflection of the Milky Way with its dark lanes seen in this long exposure shot. Also seen is a meteor as it streaks over one of the still snow capped mountain peaks of the Eastern Sierras in July! This was an absolute treat and privilege to witness in person as I stood lake side under the Milky Way, which along with the prominent green airglow and some ambient light pollution were the only light sources to illuminate the landscape."
Technical Details: Single-exposure, ISO 8000, 30mm, f/2.8, 30 second shutter speed on a Sony A7S2
Chirag Upreti

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