Τower Houses in Mani

By: Stavros Hios


Mani Messinias, Greece

2016 July 3


From the photographer: "The geomorphological characteristics of a place always affecting the architecture construct a settlement. So in the area of Mani turbulent social and historical heritage and the special temperament of the people, coupled with the unique perhaps, geomorphological evidence led over the years in manufacturing a plurality of small scattered settlements the Complexes of varying architectural interest. Complexes usually consisted of story towers and the three-story sometimes, houses, outbuildings and even church. Such a complex of strictly traditional Mani architectural style is the Jockeika settlement located in the area of Mani near the village Riglia. The olive trees, the typical stone of the region in coordination with the buildings of the village (church tower) under the starry sky develop a separate frame of rare artistic beauty. Astronomical what is behind the spire of the frame; It is Mars against Antares and Saturn are the drivers for this year of our Galactic spiral!"
Technical details: A single-exposure, NIKON D7000, f3,5 ,iso 1250, exp time 75sec, FL 18 mm, tripod used Astrotrac guider
Stavros Hios

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