Southern Jewelry

By: Sergio Emilio Mont˙far Codo˝er


San Juan, Argentina

2016 April 4


From the photographer: "That amazing astronomical structure is the most important optic observatory of Argentina. It is located at Parque Nacional El Leoncito, which guards their skies, I never saw that kind of a sky in my life, it was transparent! amazing!... Inside the Jorge Sahade telescope a 2.15m amazing robot! Jorge Sagade was the initial idea of the creator, The sky shows the Milky Way from the southern skies and the Magellanic Cloud."
Technical details: Image Stacking and Exposure blending technique, Sony a7 + Manfrotto 055 / sky 3 x 25s / f2.5 iso 8000 28mm and 5 x 59sec f3.5 iso 8000, combined in ps.
Sergio Emilio Mont˙far Codo˝er

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