The Way of the Moon and Mars

By: Fock-Hang


Reunion Island, France

2018 July 27


From the photographer: "it is at 1000m altitude in the heights of the Reunion island that I was able to photograph the eclipse of the century. Nothing to predict a result like all the more so that the clouds are invited to the party. Reunion island was very well placed in the world to be able to admire this spectacle. But getting the foreground and a total eclipse at the zenith was a challenge. So I decided to take the challenge to the super wide angle in one shot for the foreground and 40 shots for the eclipse. I did not know what result I was going to get because at this focal length the Moon is really small and the clouds arrived during the whole, but I had a window of fire between two clouds and I could immortalize the moment. What was then my happiness to realize this image in front of the Astronomical Observatory where a hundred of adults and children could attend the show and leave with the magic of the moment."

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