Lunar Eclipse

By: Marco Meniero


Pisa, Italy

2018 July 27


From the photographer: "Eclipsed Moon and Mars above Caprona Castle, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.
The tower of Caprona stands on top of a hill almost completely consumed by a quarry. Going from Pisa towards Monte Serra for the SP. 2 vicarese it is impossible not to be struck by the tower that overcomes, in an uneven precarious equilibrium, an underlying cava. The tower is what remains of an ancient castle that dominated the Arno valley up to Pisa and its mouth. Today it is in dilapidated conditions, but despite its degradation, its position on the edge of a precipice carved by man, makes it a landscape curiosity with a strong impact. For historical accuracy we must mention the real name, Tower degli Upezzinghi, which is what remains of a castle built in more recent times; the medieval one was dismantled in 1433 by the Florentines, after they took possession of Pisa. For the possession of Caprona, in August 1289, a battle took place between the army of the Guelph League of Tuscany, formed mainly by Lucchesi and Fiorentini, and the Ghibelline troops of the municipality of Pisa, then governed by Guido di Montefeltro, who he saw the first win after a siege lasting eight days."
Click the constellation icon above the photo for a photo sequence.
Technical details: single-exposure, Canon EOS 5DMK3 and EF 300 f/4
Marco Meniero

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