Path of the Moon (Photo Sequence)

By: Giorgia Hofer


Veneto, Italy

2017 July 10


From the photographer: "In the evening of 7 July 2017 I took the moon as it rise from the summit of Cridola, a mountain that is located in Lorenzago di Cadore, in Italy. That evening he caressed the whole shoulder of the mountain, until he reached the summit and put in evidence the cross on its summit, which is about three meters high. The top of the mountain is 5 km as the crow flies from the location from which I photographed. I have create this startrail, to make the shape of the mountain clearly recognizable, something that would not have been possible with a single shot."
Technical details: Nikon D750, 400 mm, 4 shots, iso 800 (Photo Sequence)
Giorgia Hofer

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