Milky Way Over Stromatolite

By: Tia Zhang


Western Australia

2018 May 17


From the photographer: "The central regions of our Milky Way Galaxy rise above Stromatolite Rock in this striking night skyscape. What are these mysterious round rocks? These grey rocks are the most ancient organisms of the world known as stromatolite. Stromatolite are layered bio-chemical accretionary structures consisting of biofilms of microorganism. Currently, two living findings of stromatolite are known to be found in Western Australia. The Milky Way's own cosmic dust clouds appear in silhouette too, dark rifts along the galaxy's faint congeries of stars. Above the central bulge, rivers of cosmic dust converge on a bright yellowish supergiant star Antares. Right of milkyway , wandering Mars shines in the night."
Technical details: 5D3,iso10000,f2.8 30s * 24 shots
Tia Zhang

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