Light Trails of Earth and Space

By: Puya Hosseini


Canary Islands, Spain

2018 May 20


From the photographer: "This is a single long exposure shot taken at a hairpin turn on a mountain road leading up to the observatories of La Palma, Canary Islands. The foreground is illuminated by the setting moon behind me, and Polaris is situated in the shot to demonstrate the circular star trails created by the rotation of the Earth. At about 5 minutes into my exposure a car drove up the road unexpectedly. I thought perhaps my shot was ruined and I was faced with the decision to either restart the exposure or allow it to continue another 15 minutes. I'm glad I chose to continue the exposure because the light trails from the car added another surprising dimension to the photo it would otherwise not have had. The fact that I had set my ISO so low kept the headlights from overexposing the picture. Sometimes what we think is a mistake turns into something beautiful!"
Puya Hosseini

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