Orion Star Trails

By: Chirag Upreti


New York, USA

2017 October 22


From the photographer: "I wanted to show the contrast between the two obvious kind of movements that I witnessed on a night out imaging in a sub-urban night sky, moderately away from NYC light pollution. The ordered motion of the stars as they traced their deliberate arcs across the night sky due to the earths rotation vs the apparently chaotic, unpredictable movement of the astronomers that imaged and observed the night sky. In this image, Orion can be seen rising from behind the tree line with the yellow streak of Betelgeuse visible to the left hand side of the image while Rigel is barely clearing the tree line on the right hand side."
Technical Details: Stacked sequence of 183 frames, each 15sec exposure with Sony A6000, 12 mm, f/2.8. Made in StarStaX software with comet mode.
Chirag Upreti

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