Upside Down Lilies and Sirius (HDR)

By: Ahmad Riahi Dehkordi


Chelgerd, Iran

2017 April 26


From the photographer: "These upside down lilies, Fritillaria imperialis (crown imperial) is one of the unique characteristics of the Zagros Mountains and grows just at high altitudes in a few location in spring. On the background is Kooh Roghani, a part of Zagros in southwest Iran. The blue hour in the sky brings the night with Sirius and Orion already visible."
Technical details: Canon 60D, Lens: Samyung 8mm. , 1: f/8, ISO:800, 10s, 2: f/8, ISO:800, 20s, 3: f/8, ISO:800 , 30s, HDR Photography/ Photo-composite.
Ahmad Riahi Dehkordi

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