Pink Waters

By: Paean Ng


Port Gregory, Australia

2017 October 13


From the photographer: "The Pink Waters of the salt lake of Port Gregory shimmers a bright saturated hue by day, but the stillness of a windless night mirrors the blanket of stars upon its surface. Like a thousand diamonds strewn across a sea of pink. The carotene algae sediment litters the lake bed and upon agitation, clouds up the waters, turning it bright pink. Truly a sight to behold. This is a 40 frame panorama captured at the Pink Lake of Port Gregory, Western Australia, late into the Milky Way season of 2017. The Milky Way hangs low in the western sky with the rich green airglow still visible through the lights of the local salt farms on the horizon. I stood in the lake after sundown, soaking up the view of our galaxy as if to say "farewell, I'll see you soon" as it slowly set, with the galactic center not to be seen until next season. I cherish these moments alone under the stars where my mind quietens and calms, the moments where I feel small but so alive, these are the moments I live for."
Technical details: 40 frame panorama, Nikon D750, Nikon 20mm f1.8G, ISO3200, 20 seconds x 40, f2.2
Paean Ng

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