Across the Light

By: Pierluigi Giacobazzi


Treviso, Italy

2017 March 27


From the photographer: "Light pollution is the alteration of night natural lighting levels caused by anthropogenic sources of light (P. Cinzano et al., 2000). Natural lighting levels are governed by natural celestial sources, mainly the Moon, natural atmospheric emission - airglow, the stars and the Milky Way, and zodiacal light. According to the new world atlas of artificial nigh sky brightness (F. Falchi et al., 2016), the most polluted area among the Countries of the G20 group are Italy and South Korea. The photo was recorded from the summit of Monte Grappa, near the little sanctuary of the "Madonnina del Grappa", at the top of the military memorial monument inaugurated on 22 September 1935. The picture shows the light-scape in the area of Piave river, over one hour of Earth's rotation. Just few stars and the bright Jupiter and Spica seem to be able to across such intense urban-light-emission." Technical details: DSLR: Nikon D750 focal length: 24mm f/1.4 (used at f/4.0) - exposure: 60 x 60,0 sec ISO: 100 (star trail technique)
Pierluigi Giacobazzi

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