SoL Stirring

By: Chirag Upreti


New York, USA

2018 January 31


From the photographer: "The partial eclipse seen from NYC was gorgeous. As twilight illuminated the landscape, the moon was already low on the horizon. It took on a nice orange-red hue as expected, except this time the shadow cast by the Earth was an beautiful contrast to the rest of the moon. To the naked eye it was clear an observable. The vibrant colors made this a stunning scene to absorb on a really cold morning!
In this image also seen is an airplane as passes over the Statue of Liberty and a sea gull that photobombed the eclipsed moon at the same time."
Technical details: A single-exposure image, Sony A7RIII, 150-600mm at 560mm. ISO 1600, f/6.7 at 1/250th second
Chirag Upreti

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