Curiosity (photo composite)

By: Chirag Upreti


California, USA

2017 June 26


From the photographer: "The Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) antenna is one of a network of ten antenna sites across the United States that make up the VLBA, a National Science Foundation project. After a harrowing experience of facing a swarm of mosquitoes earlier during the twilight hours, I was fortunate to have stayed around to witness the spectacular night show of this region. The red and green colors low on the horizon are a mix of airglow and light pollution in the distance. Here the VLBA antenna scans the cosmos as the Milky Way galactic core rises behind it. Standing next to these giant antennae as they slew around silently is a riveting experience, perhaps even a testament to our deep routed curiosity that is the engine of human innovation.
A photo-composite of 14 images each ISO 8000, 30mm, f/2.8, 13 second shutter speed on a Sony A7S2. Stacked using Starry Landscape Stacker"
Chirag Upreti

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