Beams and Clusters

By: Arjun Cheyyur


Chennai, India

2016 December 14


An honorable mention photo of the 2017 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest
From the photographer: "Lunar Crepuscular rays of the supermoon of December 2016 light up the sky above the shores of Besant Nagar. This photograph was taken a day after the city of Chennai was ravaged by Cyclone Vardah. This resulted in power outage throughout the city. An area that is usually heavily illuminated by streetlights was relatively dark. However, the foreground, consisting of the boats of the local fishing community, was still illuminated by artificial light sources from the signage of shops and stores nearby which were running on generators, a form of light pollution that is not seen as often due to the dominant glare of the streetlights. Seen in the photograph is the constellation Taurus consisting of the Hyades star cluster illuminated by a beam of light, and the Pleiades star cluster above the cloud. Orion, being illuminated by the beams to the right, is just rising.
Technical details: Nikon D800, 16-35mm f/4, 16mm 4s f/4 ISO-800, a single-exposure image"
Arjun Cheyyur

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