Salt Planet III (photo composite)

By: Hossein Farahani


Damghan, Iran

2017 March 31


An honorable mention photo of the 2017 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest
From the photographer: "Haj Ali Gholi Salt lake is located in south of Damghan in Semnan province. However light pollution in this area is very low, but the sky is a little bit opaque and it's because of dust and salt particles in the air. Also this particles reflect Further light pollution more strongly.
Technical details: This photo captured by stacking technique without moving the tripod. Also I have used Sky Watcher Star Adventurer for tracking the sky. Sky: 4*123 Sec, Foreground: 5*123 Sec, ISO: 2000, Aperture: f2.8"
Hossein Farahani

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