In Autumn Dance (photo composite)

By: Kamil Nureev


Noviy Urengoy, Russia

2016 September 28


An honorable mention photo of the 2017 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest
From the photographer: "The panoramic photo of a polar light over the Siberian forest-tundra. The photo consists of 8 vertical scenes shot on a lens with the fixed focal length in 24 mm. The silhouette polar shine reminds golden ratio. In the course of shooting every second was precious as the polar light was very dynamic and not to lose all integrity of an observed picture, I had to remove as fast as possible and on very short excerpts. As a result, I managed to take the picture in very high resolution which is equal 9654 x 9519 pixels.
Technical details: 8 vertical pictures. Technical parameters are identical for all 8 pictures: Canon 5D Mark 3 + Canon 24mm f/1.4 L2; Aperture(F Number): 2.0; Focal Length (mm): 24mm; Exposure( Shutter Speed): 4 sec; ISO: 2000."
Kamil Nureev

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