Volcanic Perseid Meteor (Composite)

By: Sergio Emilio Mont˙far Codo˝er


Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Guatemala

2017 August 13


From the photographer: "The erupting Guatemalan Volcßn de Fuego under 4 Perseids. The sky shows Alpha Cygnus and Alpha Cepheus. The Volcano of the right is Acatenango and it shows the lamps of the climbers. The clouds didn't stop me from getting my gear into the car and find a dark site with something incredible to mix the perseids with. My goal was to get the erupting volcano under the meteor shower. I found this place to be safe and away from light pollution but it was facing northwest, I couldn't get the volcano facing north because the only available spots were covered by clouds. The weather conditions on the night of aug 11-12 where really bad, however the night of 12-13 there was a storm in the south side of the country that cleaned the area from clouds allowing me to chase the meteor shower and get this image. There was a 30 minute tracking through a river path and find the perfect location. After finding the location I set up the gear and start with timelapses. The image is a composite image from a timelapse sequence
The timelapse was a sequence of ISO 5000 f5.6 at 70mm (I don't have accurate gear, the f5.6 didn't allowed me to get the faint meteors) each image 10 seconds."
Sergio Emilio Mont˙far Codo˝er

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