Rising Moon

By: Christian Koll


Waldzell, Austria

2017 May 13


From the photographer: "From the ridge, where this tree is standing, one has a very nice view over the surrounding fields and meadows. A little bench, whose backrest is visible left of the tree, invites you to have a rest. A photo like this needs careful planning: In an astronomical simulation like Stellarium you need to find out the exact direction in which the rising moon will appear at the given date and coordinates. Next, you draw a line in Google Earth from your desired foreground landmark in opposite direction of the rising moon. Now you will need to find a suitable place on that line to take your photo from. In the above example the tree was approximately 1500 meters away.
Technical details: A single-exposure image, Nikon D750 with AF-S 200-500mm at 500mm, 1/4 second exposure at f/5.6 and ISO 200"
Christian Koll

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