Pinnacles with the Zodiacal Light

By: Tia Zhang


2015 November 9


From the photographer: "Countless pinnacles point toward the stars in the sky, matching one another. The raw materials for the limestone sand of the Pinnacles came from seashells and were blown inland to form high mobile dunes. Birds seeded the land, thus trees flourished above the limestone sand. Then there was deforestation, beneath it was the calcified land. All thanks to the wind, the pinnacles are able to witness the light of the day once again. This place was far away from the major cities. The closest civilization was 17km away, leaving a perfect environment with minimum light pollution. The zodiacal light was just as bright as expected, leaving its beauty across the whole sky.
Technical details: I stitched six photos which were taken in same parameters into the one."
Tia Zhang

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