Mystery in the Dark

By: Peter Kurucz


Maulbronn, Germany

2017 April 2


From the photographer: "The South-Eastern Tower in the Maulbronn Monastery, where according to legend the historical Dr. Faust resided. The story goes that in 1516 Abbot Entenfuss had invited the magicus, who was born in the nearby Knittlingen and had just finished his studies of the magia naturalis in the city of Krakow, to live at the monastery and pursue the high goal of transforming sandstone into gold. When Faust did not succeed at this impossible task he sold his soul to the devil, who would eventually come and take him through a hole in the tower wall. Of Faust was nothing left but a bloodstain on the wall located above said hole, which is said to be visible until today, and Abbot Entenfuss was dismissed two years later.
Technical details: single-exposure, Canon 5D Mk III, Sigma 20mm 1.4 f2, 25s, ISO 200"
Peter Kurucz

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