Geomagnetic Storm Over River Laisan

By: Thierry de Pablos


Arjeplog Kommun, Sweden

2014 November 20


From the photographer: "During the evening of 20th November 2014, it was a geomagnetic storm class G1 over the frozen river Laisan. I went down our village Laisvallby by the small harbor and settled everything to take a series of selfies, contemplating at what the indigenous Sami minority say, that the souls of their ancestors are dancing into the northern lights, so I couldn’t stop thinking that special day was the birthday of my loving father who deceased a few years earlier. This Northern light was so powerful that it generated a serie of terrific sounds of sawmill by the mountains meanwhile phone communications were disturbed for 1 hour.
Technical Details: Pentax K-7 and Samyang Fish-eye CS 8 mm, ISO 3200, f 5,6 - 30 sec exposure."
Thierry de Pablos

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