Exploring the Unknown of the Universe

By: Xiao Qiang


Beijing, China

2016 December 13


From the photographer: "Going to photograph a Gemini meteor shower, it's a pity that the camera direction problem, not captured by a meteor. So I took this time-lapse photography, Record the moment that to explore the unknown of the universe. National astronomical observatory, Chinese academy of sciences, Miyun radio astronomical observation base,one of the important observation base, located at Bulaotun village in the north of miyun reservoir.Built on the site of the 50 meters antenna is the aperture antenna largest in China(before FAST at PingTang county in Guizhou province). The site is the main observation of early radio astronomy in China, there are 9 meters in diameter parabolic antenna consisting of m wave synthetic aperture radio telescope array, used to meter wave survey, radio source, supernova remnants of made a great contribution."
Xiao Qiang

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