Kitriniari Castle Under the Stars

By: Stavros Hios


Mani Messinia, Greece

2016 July 10


From the photographer: "Between villages and Saidona Xochoriou of Mani, at an altitude of 700 meters is the tower of Kitriniaris family. The Kitriniaris family became a numerous and powerful family during the second Turkish occupation. It was therefore natural that there is a safeguarding acquired by building a strong tower. The location chosen by the founder to build the tower of strategic importance. The view reaches low coastline and the construction site is rocky and inaccessible. Probably the band must have been built around 1786. Now the complex Kitriniari the ruined state of neglect and decay time has only to tell the visitor, glorious moments of its former glory and under the starry sky and brilliant shows like trapped in the space-time!
Technical Details: Nikon D7000, f3,5 , iso 800, exp time 102 sec, FL 18 mm, tripode used Astrotrac guider"
Stavros Hios

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