Venus and Moon on New Year`s Eve

By: Robert Blasius


Ottobeuren, Germany

2016 December 31


From the photographer: "See Venus and the crescent moon setting down on New Year's Eve over a small town in southern Germany. Ottobeuren is a municipality in Bavaria. It is famous for Ottobeuren Abbey, situated next to the Basilica. For part of its history Ottobeuren Abbey was one of the 40-odd self-ruling imperial abbeys of the Holy Roman Empire and, as such, was a virtually independent state. At the time of its dissolution in 1802, the imperial abbey covered 266 square kilometers and had about 10,000 subjects.
One of its monks was Ulrich Schiegg. He was a mathematician and astronomer, teaching this disciplines in the the school of the abbey. In the year 1784 he performed the first (unmanned) hot-air balloon launch in Germany. After a few more employments as astronomer, physician, teacher of farming, he became member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Ulrich Schiegg died 1810 in Munich after an accident with an horse-drawn carriage.
Technical details: Single Exposure, Canon EOS M, ISO 1600, Canon EF 28mm, f/2.8, 15sec"
Robert Blasius

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