Bright Milky Way and Keck Telescope (composite)

By: Zhuoxiao Wang


Hawaii, USA

2015 August 13


From the photographer: "Keck telescope is on the top of pacific, the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Being one of the best places for an astronomical observatory, Mauna Kea has good seeing, low precipitation and tiny light pollution. We can see the milky way as bright as a lamp in the sky. Keck Observatory is a twin 10-meter giant telescopes, and when using adaptive optics the angular resolution could reach down to tens of milli arcsecond.
Technical details: It's a photo-composite. I used Nikon D750 with Nikon 1424 2.8G lens, at 19mm lens of focus. The sky part is a 120s exposure tracked by sky-adventure mount. The ground part is also 120s but untracked. They are both iso 1600, f/2.8. The composition is done by Photoshop"
Zhuoxiao Wang

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