Autumnal Zodiacal Light and Split Mountain

By: Derek Wallentinsen


Utah, USA

2016 August 31


From the photographer: "The faint cone of zodiacal light silhouettes Split Mountain in Dinosaur National Monument. Zodiacal light is reflected sunlight from interplanetary dust. The dust orbits the sun and is concentrated along the ecliptic. Due to the changing angle of the ecliptic to the horizon during the course of the seasons, from most places it's highest and easiest to see in the evening around the vernal (spring) equinox and in the morning around the autumnal (fall) equinox. Split Mountain is a 7500 foot ridge bisected by the Green River. It is located near Jensen Utah and is inside Dinosaur National Monument, It was named by famous explorer John Wesley Powell who traversed its 2500 foot deep gorge during his expeditions in 1869 and 1871. Split Mountain is an icon of this 200,000 acre national park. This graceful shaft of zodiacal light is visible before the break of morning twilight during the fall. In my image, its natural somewhat reddish color is visible. It extends over the Praesepe Cluster at lower center, across the Milky Way and towards the Hyades and Pleiades clusters at upper right.
Technical details: Canon 60d, 11mm f/2.8, 15 seconds at ISO 1600, daylight color balance"
Derek Wallentinsen

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