Summer & Winter Constellations and Great Wall

By: Cheng Luo


Hebei, China

2016 August 29


From the photographer: "This panorama was taken before dawn in August. On the left, the summer triangle is going down to the horizon, which is a sign of summer night sky. At the same time, Orion and other winter constellations are rising on the east. You can also see many colorful stars and red nebulae such as the North America, Orion nebula, Barnard Loop and so on. The red nebulae reminds me the beacon-fires on the Great wall in ancient China. The Great wall was build to defense the enemy from north. It is the sign of not only power of the ancient empire but also wisdom of Chinese architecture. After thousands of summers and winters, the Great Wall has became a World Cultural Heritage Site and the magnificent sight astonishing every visitor from all over the world. The Great Wall is usually described as an east giant dragon and the overexposure crescent moon is just like a dragon ball!
Technical details: Canon 6D modified, 14mm, F2.8, 25sec, ISO 6400, panorama of 7 photos"
Cheng Luo

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