Space Debris Reentry

By: Jeff Sullivan


California, USA

2016 July 27


From the photographer: "Space debris enters the atmosphere near Mammoth Lakes, California at 9:37 pm July 27, identified as the second stage from the first Chang Zheng 7 rocket, launched Jun 25, reentered at 0440 UTC. A sonic boom (or sound from an explosion) arrived 8 minutes later at 9:45 pm. The image is a single 30-second exposure captured on a Canon EOS 6D camera and Canon 14mm f/2.8 lens. I was all set up facing north, just about to start a star trails shot, when I saw a light behind me. I quickly swiveled the camera on the tripod and hit the shutter release. The photo was captured 21 minutes befroe the end of astronomical twilight, so the Milky Way is just starting to appear, and the sky still has some "blue hour" color remaining."
Jeff Sullivan

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