The Reawakening

By: Ben Coffman


Oregon, USA

2016 February 9


A Notable Photo of the 2016 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest
From the photographer: "Rather than camping in the freezing backcountry, I opted to sleep in my car and then snowshoe into Crater Lake National Park at around 2 am for this shot of the Milky Way arching over the snowy lake. I really like these twilight transition times, and I took this panorama about an hour before sunrise, just as the sky was lightening up to a blue twilight color and the Milky Way was starting to fade because of the morning’s encroaching light. I did a lot of exploring near the edge of the crater looking for an opening with good views of Wizard Island, and I felt like I really lucked out when I stumbled onto this scene. I particularly liked the way the indirect twilight light played on the contours of the snow in front of me.
Technical details: Main exposure exif - 14mm, 25 seconds, aperture unrecorded, ISO 4000; Highlight-preserving exposure exif – 14mm, 3.2 seconds, aperture unrecorded, ISO 4000. Modified Canon 6D
Panorama of 12 total frames, with 6 exposures for extended dynamic range (recovering highlights along the horizon)"
Ben Coffman

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