Gazing up

By: Matt Dieterich


Oregon, USA

2015 August 18


From the photographer: "Here's a shot from Cannon Beach, Oregon. The Milky Way over Haystack Rock captured in August 2015. Since this was the first time I experienced the Pacific Ocean I wanted to catch the night sky in a memorable way. This shot sums up my experience, pure wonder of a beautiful location. Standing on the beach at night was amazing, folks had fires going and enjoyed the cool breeze. I waited for the Milky Way to rise and reflect in the thin layer of water. Definitely one of my most memorable nights out in the Pacific Northwest! Light pollution from the beach town is seen on the left illuminating the sky over Haystack Rock.
Technical details: Single exposure, Nikon D800, 14-24mm 2.8, ISO 5000, 25 seconds"
Matt Dieterich

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