Star Trails over Mount Rainier (photo composite)

By: Matt Dieterich


Washington, USA

2015 June 22


From the photographer: "This night was one I will never forget. After working with visitors at the Mt. Rainier astronomy program on June 22nd, 2015 we noticed there was an aurora! I drove down to the lake where I wanted to capture the aurora. This location was wonderful as it contained a view of Mount Rainier and water for reflections. I took over 200 photos in a 2 hour window of time to create star-trailing due to the Earth rotating. The pink aurora spread throughout the background sky and mountaineers can be seen with their white headlamps summiting Mt. Rainier on the right hand side of the volcano.
Technical details: Optics: Rokinon 24mm, Mount: Tripod, Camera: Nikon D750, F/stop: F/1.4, Exposure: 200 x 8 seconds to create star trails ISO: 5000, Mode: RAW"
Matt Dieterich

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