Starry Night of the Sacred Mountain

By: Haitong Yu


Sichuan, China

2015 October 1


From the photographer: "A starry night on China's Tibetan Plateau at an elevation above 4100m / 13450ft, at Yading village which is believed to be the "Shangri-La" which Joseph Rock discovered in 1928. The snow peak, Chenresig, follows the name of the Bodhisattva of Mercy, and is regarded as a sacred mountain in Tibetan religion and the summit has never been reached by human. It was breathtaking when twilight finally faded and the marvelous milky way burst out above the roaring clouds. The picture is a single exposure at ISO3200, 20mm, F1.8, taken towards the end of astronomical twilight with a bit of exposure-to-the-right. Post-processing was applied to lower the brightness in the sky and reveal the shadow details."
Haitong Yu

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