Double Moonbow

By: Roberto Porto


Leon, Spain

2015 July 31


From the photographer: "On july 31, 2015 there was a blue moon (second full moon of that month). The weather forecast for that night in Spain was storms and heavy rains. I was traveling from Madrid airport to the north of Spain. The first atmospheric phenomenon was a 22-degree halo around the moon. Then the storm began and the blue moon disappeared. At 5am I was already at my home in Villaverde, Leon. It was raining all night but then only for a few minutes the blue moon appeared again in the western horizon and produced this double moonbow with Alexander's dark band. please note the umbrella shadow. It was raining and I had to protect the camera with an umbrella. Also there is a short timelapse video of a second moonbow just before dawn.
Technical details: single exposure, Nikon D5300 and 10.5mm fisheye lens at f2.8, 20 sec exposure."
Roberto Porto

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