Souls of Castelluccio

By: Dario Giannobile


Sicily, Italy

2016 January 10


From the photographer: "Many graves, encarved in the rocks like the ones in Pantalica UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, lay on the ground in the necropolis of Castelluccio, between Noto and Palazzolo Acreide 's countryside in Sicily -Italy. Warm lights enhance the frame of the tombs from inside. The idea behind the use of the lights is to put the observer in the condition to feel the supernatural dimension of this magic place but at the same time the warm colors transmit a feeling of comfort remembering the hearth fire; the star trails transmit a feeling of time flowing over a very old place (2200-1800 b.c.). The use of a mirror allows to have in the same image both the north and south pole."
Dario Giannobile

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